So you tried selling your house but it didn't work out?  No worries.

There are many reasons why listings sometimes don't sell.  Anything from personal issues forcing a change of circumstance to global debt markets pushing interest rates up suddenly.  There are a lot of things we cannot control and there are many things we can.

What we focus on at SRG are things we can influence.  In the context of selling your house that means professional, competent marketing that is proven to get results.  We measure experience in sales figures, not years, and since starting our firm in 2018 we have sold hundreds of homes for over $150 million in volume.  

Every house we sell is part of our resume.  And we want our resume to look great, so we do our best on every listing that we take.

For every listing we take pride in our work and offer the following:

  • Professional market opinion including accurate pricing strategy based on data.  We show you the same data we will end up showing to the appraiser once under contract!
  • Contact book full of construction resources to help with any needed prelisting repairs AND more importantly knowing what repairs or improvements will provide the seller with maximum return
  • Aerial and ground level photography taken by the best team in the industry
  • Virtual staging services as needed at no extra cost
  • Marketing across all channels from Zillow, Redfin, MLS to door knocking, postcards and open houses.  No stone left unturned because selling your house is what we do for a living, not for a hobby.
  • Full time and professional support from before listing to after the sale.

We can toot our horn and put up a bunch of pictures of houses we've sold in the past.  The truth is we work hard, we're good at our jobs, and all we're asking of you is to give us a look when it comes time to selling your house.  No pressure tactics, no gimmicks, just honest opinions and time tested strategy to help you reach your goals.

Please feel free to text us at 719-233-2410 anytime for a free market analysis of your house or with any real estate questions in general!  Thank you.