Friday Update February 25, 2022

Mood is pretty somber and it's pretty dificult to pretend to give a shit.  So here is the short version

267 single family homes on the market

Rates steady here in the US.  In Russia they're up from 7% to almost 13% for obvious reasons.  Good luck to the Russian people who have nothing to do with this stupid fucking war.  

Lumber pricing is around $1300 still, which translates to like $65 sheets of subfloor.  Construction costs aren't coming down, neither are land prices.  So no affordable housing is coming out of that angle.

If this war in Ukraine becomes much larger than what it is today expect for the financial response here and globally to be ridiculously loose monetary policy.  

Print, print and print some more to fund war.  That's a classic central bank move, they don't even give a shit which side they fund so long as it's profitable.

Think long term.  Think about other people.  Think about how our children can live a life where they don't have to watch brothers kill brothers so that a handful of oligarch twats can pad their pockets with a little bit more money.


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